By | November 18, 2021
Scott Bringhurst Death

Scott Bringhurst Death – Scott Bringhurst Of Springville, Utah, who was a family Nurse Practitioner has died untimely at the age of 50, in his home following a surgery. Scott’s passing was announced in a Facebook post by her mom Diane Bringhurst of Mantis, UT, on Wednesday, November 17, 2021. Family and friends¬† are in shock and heartbroken over the loss of a son, husband, dad and uncle as they grief and mourn Scott’s passing at this difficult time.

Scott Bringhurst was described as amazing and caring. He was the beloved son and first born of Allan and Diane Bringhurst. He was a hardworking man who always strived to reach his goals. He was a family Nurse Practitioner at Premier Family Medical. Scott loved caring for his patients and they loved him as well. He had been member of ’89 Bonneville for 8 years until the time of his death. He was the beloved husband of his wife Shawn.

Scott was a devoted father of three boys and was passionate about his job and loved helping people out. Scott loved spending time with hiss patients and spread his love to them by ensuring their wellbeing. In addition to being a family Nurse Practitioner, he also served in the military for some years which added to his contribution to not just his community but to his country at large. Scott Bringhurst obituary and funeral service will be announced by the family in due time.

Diane Bringhurst – “How do you tell about a amazing, beautiful and caring Son, husband, brother, dad, uncle and great uncle in a post. Our loving son Scott Allan passed away in his sleep this morning following surgery. Allan and I are in complete shock and heartbroken. He was our first born and had the biggest blue eyes and smile. He worked so hard in this life to reach his goals. He finally achieved that goal of becoming a Family Nurse Practitioner he was so excited to start a career with Premier Family Medical. He loved caring for his patients and they loved him. He and Shawn had just moved into a beautiful new home and enjoyed making it theirs, he could grown anything and their yard was outstanding. He loved his three beautiful boys and was so proud of them. 50 years is not long enough, he still had many more years to love, care and be the happy person he was. Scott we will love you forever and miss you every day. Love You Son”

Lisa Shall – “R.I.P. Scotty, Scott Bringhurst. We were all better for knowing you and even luckier to call you a friend.¬† Prayers to your husband and boys. #FPfam”

Van Rich – “It is not often that I am moved to an obvious hurt. Losing a military family member seems to pierce the heart a different type of way. RIP to my brother in arms Scott Bringhurst. Love you battle. And we will all see you soon.”

Katie Stanger – “With a sad heart, I say goodbye to Scott Bringhurst. Rest in peace my friend. #BHSfallenangel”

Photo Credit; Diane Bringhurst