By | November 15, 2021
Abimael Medina-Diaz Death

Abimael Medina-Diaz Death – Cause Of Death – A Dover man has died in a motorcycle crash over the weekend, According to Delaware State Police.

Abimael Medina-Diaz, 37, has been identified as the victim killed in a deadly motorcycle crash late Friday night November 12, 2021. The tragic incident occurred just before 11:19 p.m at the intersection of Maple Dale Road at Kenton Road.

The report state that a 2007 Harley Davidson motorcycle was travelling northbound on Kenton Road when he struck a black Ford Fusion being driven by a 22-year-old man. The driver of the Ford Fusion was attempting to turn southbound onto Kenton Road when the collision happened.

Abimael was transported to the hospital but did ultimately succumb to injuries sustained from the fatality while the driver of the black ford was also taken to a local hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

The death of Abimael Medina-Diaz has left his family and other loved ones devastated. Some have taken to social media to share their tributes and react to the fatal accident that took his life.

Delaware State Police are still investigating this accident.