By | November 15, 2021
Alexis Lopez Gutierrez Death

Alexis Lopez Gutierrez Death – Fresno County Coroner’s Office Authorities have identified the victim that shot and killed in Easton on Friday, November 12., 2021 as 24-year-old Alexis Lopez Gutierrez of Sanger, California. This ugly shooting incident was scary to the residents of the community where it happened and it was reported at the earliest opportunity to the Authorities for a swift response so as to curb the further tragedy that may arise from the incident.

The police report say Alexis Lopez Gutierrez was found dead after responding to calls of shot fired at a home around Geneva and Frantz avenues around 7:00 pm on Friday evening. Alexis reportedly died at the scene of the incident from multiple injuries incurred from the gunshot wound which was a tragic situation. The cause of the shooting incident is not known at this time. More details will be updated in this publication about the cause of the shooting upon confirmation.

Alexis Lopez Gutierrez couldn’t survived the gunshot wound despite the attempt by medical personnel to rescue him and as a result he was pronounced dead at the scene, the Deputy say. Report says a possible suspect has been identified in connection with the shooting at the time of this publication by homicides detectives but no new information has been provided on their search as investigation is still ongoing and expected to be reported in due time.