By | November 23, 2021
Aaron Osthoff Death

Aaron Osthoff Death – Aaron Osthoff, of Dubuque, Iowa, has passed away of suicide at the age of 47. The Grant County Sheriff’s Office identified Aaron Osthoff as the dead victim when he reportedly shot himself after shooting a 37-year-old female, Megan Breuer on Friday, November 19th, 2021 at her residence on 131 North Main Street in the Village of Potosi, Wisconsin around 3:30pm. The police continues to investigates the shooting.

According to the Grant County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigation Unit, Aaron Osthoff came to Megan Breuer’s residence in the early morning of Friday morning. Although Aaron and Megan were known to each other but the kind and extent of their relationship with each other is still being investigated and determined by the authorities but report says it appeared Aaron Osthoff forcefully entered into Megan Breuer’s residence.

According to investigation reports, At the time the the forced entry happened, a call was placed to 911 by Megan for a rescue. Unfortunately Aaron made a contact and ultimately shot Megan in the neck/head area and eventually turned the gun on himself after shooting Megan. Aaron  was declared deceased at the scene by he Grant County Coroner and Megan is stable condition. The Sheriff’s Office is still investigating the incident with support from the Wisconsin Crime Lab. Aaron Osthoff obituary has not been announced yet.