Andy Alberto Death – Man Killed In Brazen Daylight Robbery In San-Fernando

Andy Alberto Macias Hosein Death – Obituary News; The victim of a four men daylight robbery in San Fernando has been identified as Andy Alberto Macias Hosein.

According to reports and social media videos making the rounds, the robbery occurred earlier today, February 5, on upper High Street, San Fernando. The 33-year-old man who had dual Venezuelan and Trinidadian citizenship was shot in the back as he tried to escape when the bandits entered Ketan Jewellers and announced a hold-up around 10.30 am.

During the robbery, it seems Hosein who was standing by the doorway, tried to escape and he was shot in the back. The bandits then proceeded to smash the showcases in the store as they filled their bags with loot. They eventually escaped through the nearby Carlton Centre. Investigations are ongoing.

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