By | October 24, 2020
Angela Bofill Death obituary

Angela Bofill Death Hoax : Is Singer Angela Bofill dead ?

Angela Bofill is not dead. On October 24, 2020, Bofill death hoax began spreading fast but the 66-year-old singer has released a statement to debunk the death rumor in a Facebook post.

The singer wrote,

“My Manager Rich Engel just informed me that I died. Thank you everyone for reaching out, but I am very much on the right side of the grass.”

The Virginian-Pilot’s Rashod Ollison wrote in October 2016 that Bofill “had the makings to be a much bigger star than she was, if only producers had known exactly what to do with her.” Ollison also wrote that Bofill passed on her musical stylings to “a fresh-faced choir girl from Newark named Whitney Houston.”

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