Author: Temmy

Kyle Clapper of Lunenburg, MA, has passed away

Kyle Clapper Death – Kyle Clapper of Lunenburg, Massachusetts, has died unexpectedly leaving family and friends in despair and grief as they mourn his passing. Matt Silva confirmed the death of Kyle in a Facebook post shared on Sunday, November 28, 2021.…Read More »

Scott Royer of Lancaster, PA, Is dead

Scott Royer Death –  Scott Royer of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, has passed away unexpectedly. Scott’s beloved wife, Jennifer Hall Royer confirmed Scott dead in a Facebook post shared on Sunday, November 28, 2021. “My husband of 12 years, Scott Royer, took this photograph…Read More »

Hannah Parton of Huntsville, AL, Is dead

Hannah Parton Death – Hannah Parton, a resident of Huntsville in Alabama, has died unexpectedly. Family, friends and loved ones are shattered and heartbroken by loss of a daughter, friend and colleague. Hannah’s father Roger B Parton confirmed her passing on Facebook…Read More »

Monrhowe Aaron of Cabool, MO, has died

Monrhowe Aaron Death – Monrhowe Aaron of Cabool, Missouri, has passed away untimely at a young age due to a terrible accident according to Hailey Shannon. “This is the Aaron/Shannon family, our family has lost one of the most kind, beautiful, and…Read More »