By | November 26, 2021
Rapper MC Black Cause Of Death

Rapper MC Black Cause Of Death – Authorities are investigating after Rapper MC Black was found dead off the coast of Fortaleza on Wednesday. According to a report, on Monday 20-year-old Francisco Ytalo Oliveira de Queiroz was located at a beach resort after he allegedly went missing on Monday.

According to report, Queiroz told his family he was going to Iracema Beach to record some new content for his social media accounts and left the house at around 8 am to withdraw cash from the bank but he didn’t return home after he had gone for hours.

Queiroz family were led to the beach with the help of the rapper’s motorbike tracker, observers told family members they saw two men with sticks forcing the Queiroz to walk to a car.

Swimmers found the body of the rapper Wednesday off Leste-Oeste Beach with severe wounds caused by acute objects.

An investigation is active and ongoing.

Photo Credit : Thesun