By | November 17, 2021
Pete Nairne Death

Pete Nairne Death – Pete Nairne has died according to a Facebook post around 6:33 p.m. on November 16, 2021. Nairne died at the age of 43. Pete was a Guitarist in a band. Woodentooth posted to Facebook stating the impact Pete has made in the music world, “His loss leaves a gaping hole in this band, and in all of our lives. Our thoughts are with his family at what is an awful time,” Woodentooth wrote. “Pete was the heart of the band, his riffs and constant quest for that elusive “perfect” guitar tone drove the musical direction we were lucky enough to follow (straight towards the 90s, with a detour into the 70s, as well you know), as it did for so many bands that he and Rory were in, for a period more than half their lives.”

Furthermore, Pete was described as a shy person generally but a dry and funny man to his friends. He was also described as a genius especially when on stage. “He was perhaps happier in rehearsals or a studio, where there was time for socializing, tinkering with sound and music, and chatting,” Woodentooth added. “Spending time with family and friends was massively important for him and for all of us, and he will be massively missed as a player, songwriter, musical brother, and above all as a friend. ”

The circumstance behind his death has not been made known to the public. According to the Facebook post, the funeral will be on Thursday attended by family and friends. Donations to the Highland Hospice, via the D. Chisholm & Sons FB page can be made in his memory.

Photo Credits – Al Donnelly.