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Dr Ole Holsti dead: Ole Holsti obituary – How did Ole Holsti die? – cause of death – tributes – funeral plans.

  • Died: July 3, 2020
  • Age: year old
  • Cause of death: unconfirmed

Beloved Dr Ole Holsti was a favorite professor to many, a mentor and one with great impacts. He will be greatly missed.

Ole Holsti obituary, funeral arrangement

The family of the deceased are yet to make public the obituary and funeral arrangements. We will keep you informed should details be released.

We urge that you respect the privacy of the grieving family during this time.

Tributes to Ole Holsti

Family, friends and loved ones of the deceased have taken to their social media pages to share tributes, prayers and condolence messages.

Lindsay P Cohn wrote;

I got the news this morning that Ole Holsti passed away.

Ole was one of my favorite professors, a wonderful mentor, kind even when critical, and full of humor even when things were hard. The most important lesson I ever learned about teaching, I learned from him.

It involved trust, generosity, and the character to say, “I disagree completely with your argument, but you did a good job making it. Well done.”

Ole remained a mentor and friend to me throughout graduate school.

A few years ago, in a pile of papers in a box, I found the note Professor Holsti had written to me, about how proud he was of my hard work (while dealing w medical issues), how sure he was that I would be successful … I decided to reach out to him.

I found his email address and wrote him one of those “I don’t know if you remember me, but …” notes – the ones that every professor I know LOVES to get. I told him that I had gotten tenure and that I still remembered the lessons he taught me

He wrote me back. He said of course he remembered. He told me he had been ill and retired to the Southwest, but was so glad to hear from me, was so proud of me. He talked about his grandkids and how nice the weather was out there.

It’s hard to believe he’s gone. He was fairly old, even when I first met him 25 years ago, and he seemed indestructible. He seemed eternal. I will miss just knowing that he’s there. My heart goes out to his family, and all the other colleagues and students whose lives he touched.

Rest In Peace, Ole. Thank you for everything.

Pythia Capital wrote;

It is with great sadness I share the passing of a relative of mine, Dr. Ole Holsti. His academic contributions were matched only by the love and devotion he had to his family.

He was a statesman to the end: his last piece of advice was this: “Vote!”

Dr. Holsti came from an era that valued diplomacy, controlling one’s emotions, rational analysis and measured discussion. These values seem to be fleeing our society, so I hope this serves as a reminder to others: strive to be a diplomat in the truest sense of the word.

When I face difficult decisions, I am reminded of why my family is here. My great grandfather stood up to Hitler and fled to the US because ” Finland, like dismembered Czechoslovakia, can no longer afford to have outspoken anti-Nazis in its Government.”

I’m not perfect at it, but when I’m dealing with co-workers at work or clients or frankly anyone, I think to myself, what would Rudi do? How would the man that stood up to the greatest threat to humanity we’ve ever faced handle this, what would make him proud.

I think in this era, we give into our base emotions too much. We forget the poise and control of the past, and I think the world would be a better place if we got back to doing the hard, but right, thing rather than playing to our base emotions.

So let Dr. Holsti’s passing serve as a flag to you: be as the diplomats of old. Strive to handle situations with grace, treat others respectfully, debate the facts without character assassinations, and maybe if we all do a little more of that, the world will get a bit better.

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  1. Peter B Pitsker

    Ole Holsti was a classmate and a best friend to me at Palo Alto High School. We graduated in 1950 and both went on to Stanford University. We remained best friends and even joined the same fraternity where we worked in the kitchen and waited tables to earn our room and board. Ole was a distance runner in high school. Later in life we both qualified for and ran in the Boston Marathon. What a thrill! RIP, Ole! Miss you! My best wishes go out to your daughter, Maija, and to all you friends and family.
    Peter Pitsker


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