By | November 18, 2021
Nicholas Oates Death

Nicholas Oates Death – Nicholas Oates Of Silver Spring, Maryland, who was a football player has died untimely at the age of 33, leaving family and friends in grief and despair. Nicholas  was announced dead on Wednesday, November 17, 2021. Friends and loved ones shared tributes on Nicholas’s passing which came as a shock to them as it was not expected. Nicholas was born on September 22, 1988 in Silver Spring, MD.

Nicholas was described as a good man of good character, always fun to be with. He was also described as even more incredible person with phenomenal positive energy. Marcus Valentine described him as his first roommate, teammate, friend, brother and ridah!!. Family, friends, teammates and loved ones are heartbroken on the loss of Nicholas  who contributed immensely to the football team he played for and the people around him.

Details about the cause of Nicholas Oates’s death is unknown at the time of this publication as no statement has been disclosed by thee members of the family in that regards. Information about the cause of the death will be updated upon confirmation as we await announcement. Nicholas Oates obituary and funeral service will be announced by the family in due time.

Shared tributes on Nicholas Oates’s passing

Marcus Valentine – “My first roommate, my teammate, my friend, my brother, my ridah!! Bro this one hurt so bad! I’m heartbroken! If anyone knew who Nick Oates was they for sure was blessed to have him on their team and in their life! We been through hell and back together bro and because of that I’ll love you beyond life. I can’t believe this man, we just spoke! My fellow Tiger and Champion! May you rest in Heaven bro! 5-5 gon hold you down til we meet again! This one is for N.O the Goat! Often imitated but never duplicated! Nicholas A Oates
To all of my brothers out there just want to let y’all know I love y’all and I’m forever a lifeline!

Paris Chantè – “I need folks to be respectful of me & my families space during this time. We loss yet another sibling. Love is appreciated but space is needed. #MyBrothersKeepers #LLNO #8TheGreat Nicholas A Oates I love you”

Steven Ngati – “Devastated to hear the news about the passing of Nicholas A Oates. He was literally the PERFECT teammate, and even more incredible person with phenomenal positive energy! This year continues to throw unbelievable blows. I really don’t understand this. You will be missed dearly brother.
RIP Nick Oates”

Photo Credit; Steven Ngati