By | November 18, 2021
Roger Phillips Death

Roger Phillips Death – Foraging and fungi author and teacher Roger Phillips of Rogers mushrooms has passed away unexpectedly at the age of 88. Roger was announced dead on Thursday, November 18, 2021. His passing was a huge loss to the natural and mycological field as he was a legend in that field and all round. He was a mentor who was passionate about searching for different species of mushrooms and fungi as well as foraging.

Roger Phillips was a hero who had written different seminal books on mushrooms, fungi and wild food over the years. He became popular for being the author the first book on fungi, a book that allowed people to teach themselves to forage for a large selection of species from the scratch. He was the founder and creator of the RogersMushrooms website that has more than 3000 collections of photos and details of 1500 species of mushrooms, fungi and mushroom recipes.

Roger Phillips’s first mushroom book was on the mushrooms of Europe in 1976 which was published after five years after which he started working on his illustrated guide to the mushrooms of North America. RogersMushrooms website has been a point of of reference for other researchers in the field as lot of pictures and works has been drawn from the website by other researchers for research purposes since the books were published. Roger Phillips obituary and funeral service has not been announced by the family yet.

Shared tributes

Lisa Cutcliffe – “Noooo!  Incredibly sad news today… amazing man a huge loss to the natural & mycological world… dear Roger Phillips has passed away, aged 88 I’m so very blessed to have spent time with one of my true heros. His seminal books on fungi & wild food were instrumental to teaching myself to forage & stay safe for the last 20 years. Sleep well Roger xx
Roger Phillips 16/12/1932 – 15/11/2021″

Geoff Dann – “RIP Roger Phillips (1932-2021) Will be long remembered as the author of the first book on fungi that allowed people to teach themselves to forage for a wide selection of species from scratch.”

Lara Jean Louise Couldwell – “Rest in Peace Roger Phillips…..The passing of a true Legend……16/12/1932 to 15/11/2021”

Laura Grant – “Rest in peace Roger Phillips. A true nature champion and total legend. Eben was so inspired by him and will never forget his fungi chat with him.”

The Foraging Foodie – “RIP to foraging and fungi guru, author, teacher and all round LEGEND, Roger Phillips.
16th December 1932 – 15th November 2021″

Photo Credit; The Foraging Foodie