By | November 16, 2021
Shooting near Freedom Drive.

Dreadful Shooting near Freedom Drive – An 18-year-old has been identified as the victim that died along with three other victims in a deadly shooting that happened on Sunday, November 14, 2021.

Authorities have identified 18-year-old Juan Jose Martinez, 22-year-old Manuel Adolfo Vazquez, 24-year-old Luis Vazquez, and a 20-year-old man as the victims who were found with obvious signs of gunshot trauma in reference to a shooting at a large mobile home community located at 1655 W. Ajo Way near Freedom Drive.

Further investigation reveals that prior to the shooting, a social function was being held at the home.

Officials said the shooting began when one of the attendants at the party was asked to leave. The attendant came back to the party with a group of men, prompting a confrontation to ensue between the group, the identified guest, and the homeowner. The confrontation leads to a deadly shooting.

Tucson Police Department reported that one of the dead people was unconscious in the roadway of the residence. While the three other victims were found inside the mobile home.

A report said three of the victims passed away at the scene while the four succumbed from his injuries after being rushed to the hospital.

No have been identified by the police at the time of this report, according to the police.

The investigation is ongoing.