By | November 18, 2021
Donovan Eastman death

Donovan Eastman Death – Donovan Eastman’s death has been made known through the social media on November 17, 2021. According to social media, The 55-year-old from Orem, UT, has complications related to COVID and has just been taken off of life support and is not expected to live. Donovan was as anti-vaxx as it comes. He shared memes for sure but he shared more of his own thoughts than he did memes. Eastman was a hair sylist.

Tru Eastman, Dovnovan’s wife wrote a grieving post following the death of her husband on Wednesday. “My True Love Donovan Eastman has left this earth. Thank you for loving him, sending him your prayers and positive thoughts. Know this…He would not change one decision or the way he lived his life. I am proud to have been his love and partner in life. We raised his kids together, and they have become my kids too.We created a successful business and loved working together. Our blended family includes 6 gbabies- 4 kids- 4 inlaws.
His legacy lives on🔥 He made friends and he made enemies… and he was always REAL!
He spoke HIS Truth in his way! He had the BIGGEST HEART💜 and NEVER thought himself better than any other being or situation. I’ve witnessed him giving time, money, assistance, a listening ear and food to those in need. We are going to have a huge void in our lives and miss him more than he will ever know. A celebration of his life will be announced in the coming days. If you have memories or stories you would like to share about Donovan – please share here, on this feed or private message me.
Thank you for loving him.”

Jewel Frazier also paid teributes to donovan, “I can’t even Breathe! You were one of my LIGHTHOUSES! Donovan Eastman You were my Dear Friend, my cheerleader, my mentor, God Father and MY LEGENDARY HAIR GUY! You believed in me even when I didn’t. You gave me strength and confidence. I will carry you in my heart always! RIP.  My deepest condolences to his Wife Tru Eastman. We lost a Remarkable Man!”