By | November 17, 2021
Gary Brewster Death

Gary Brewster – Death – Gary Brewster of Edgar, Wisconsin, has passed away unexpectedly leaving family, friends and loved ones in grief and despair. Gary was announced deceased in a Facebook post on Tuesday, November 16, 2021. He was a Basketball coach and a native of Athens in Wisconsin and an alumnus of Athens High School. The family and friends are heartbroken by the sudden news of Gary passing as it was not expected.

In addition to family and friends grieving Gary’s loss, The Edgar Girls and Boys Basketball Programs as well as the Edgar Full-Court Press Club are devastated from the news of the demise of Coach Gary Brewster who has been a major part of the club and impacted the basketball teams he coached with his coaching experience. He was a mentor whose. impact on the Basketball sport of the Edgar community will be remembered and cherished.

Gary Brewster was the beloved father of Hannah Brewster and Kyle Brewster. Details about the cause of his death is unknown to us at the time of this publication. More information about the cause of death will be updated in this publication upon confirmation. Gary was a good leader, father, coach and mentor. Gary Brewster obituary and funeral will be announced by the family as no statement has not been disclosed at this time.

Shared tributes on Gary Brewster demise

Dave Huss – “The Edgar Girls and Boys Basketball Programs and the Edgar Full-Court Press Club are heartbroken from the news of the loss of Coach Gary Brewster! May the lessons, the memories, and the friendships live on in the players you’ve coached and helped mentor! Your impact on the sport of basketball in the Edgar community will be remembered and cherished!
Rest in Peace, Coach!”

Lindsey Schneeberger – “This morning I found out the news I never wanted to hear. This man right here has impacted my life in so many ways. You have taught me so many life lessons through basketball. You pushed me and many other girls to our full potential. You showed us what hard work looks like and what we were capable of achieving when we worked together. From the first year we could start playing basketball you were there coaching us to our last game senior year. I will always remember you telling us “you viewed each one of us like another daughter to you” I will cherish every moment we have had together as a team with you.
My prayers and love goes out to the Brewster family and his daughter Hannah Brewster. Gary was a great father and coach. He has impacted many peoples lives.
He was taken way to soon. Rest In Peace up there Coach Brewster.”

Brett Schutte – “I just want to say that I am deeply sorry for the Brewster family for their loss of Gary Brewster. He was an amazing man for the amount of time I’ve talked to him even though it was little but I know that he has taught a lot of my classmates who played sports to always give it there all and saw the potential in everyone he coached. He was also an amazing father to Hannah Brewster and Kyle Brewster, always supporting them in all that they did. He will always be there to watch his family even if he’s no longer with us and will always be in your hearts.
My prayers go out to the family all the way from Germany and I know that the entire Edgar community is doing the same.”

Photo Credit; Gary Brewster Facebook Profile.