By | November 24, 2021
Jackson Sparks Death

Jackson Sparks Death – Jackson Sparks of Waukesha, Wisconsin, has passed away at the age of 8, after sustaining brain injuries from being crashed by a car that ran into the Christmas Parade on Sunday striking 40 people. The family, Jackson Sparks dead on Tuesday, November 23, 2021. Jackson Sparks “sadly succumbed” to brain injuries, making him the sixth person to die from Sunday’s tragedy, a relative said on Facebook. According to a GoFundMe page, Jackson went through a brain surgery on Sunday and the doctor tested for brain activity on Monday.

Jackson Sparks’s brother Tucker, 12, who was also a victim of the crash was recovering from road rash and a fractured skull. A relative Rebecca Sparks Kerber said in a post on Tuesday that says Tucker was stable and set to be discharged from the ICU. Alyssa Albrowho was the organiser of the GoFundMe page said the families are devastated by the incident. “The entire family is devastated and their parents, Aaron and Sheri, are at the bedsides of their children who are both at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. Tucker, is recovering, but sustained road rash and a fractured skull.” Alyssa  said.

The family has asked for privacy at this tragic time to process their little son’s passing and to allow Tucker to continue to heal physically and the family to heal and mourn the sudden loss of Jackson. According to the prosecutor, the suspect of the incident Darrell Brooks, 39, will be charged with a sixth count of first-degree intentional homicide in connection with the attack following Jackson’s death. Jackson Sparks obituary and funeral has not been announced yet.

Photo Credit; Adam Lee Marcus shared the photo in a Facebook post

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