By | November 24, 2021
John O’Neal Has Been Stabbed Dead

John O’Neal Death – Authorities have identified a Syracuse man who was fatally stabbed to death while he and another identified was trying to rob a man on Nov. 12, 2021, on Seymour Street, according to Onondaga County Assistant District Attorney Hanna Renna. Officials identified the stabbed man as John O’Neal, 59, who was armed with a gun when he and a 35-year-old man Michael Jordan was in the attempt of robbing.

Onondaga County Assistant District Attorney Hanna Renna revealed that it was the second robbery by the two that night. Attorney Hanna Renna narrated that the first robbery took place at 518 Wolf Street that day, police say in court records. The pair stole an iPhone 11 in a glitter case, according to the records. About 20 minutes from the first robbery Jordan and O’Neal also robbed a man of $200 in the 400 block of Seymour Street.

Renna said, Michael Jordan crashed a car into another car. The driver got out of his car and O’Neal and Jordan got out of theirs. Then the driver “lawfully fought back” against O’Neal and Jordan, she added.

During the commotion between the driver and the bandits, Jordan got stab wounds to his face and back, while the driver had a stab wound in the hand. The driver took himself to Upstate University Hospital, and his name was not released.

O’Neal was pronounced dead at the scene. There is an ongoing investigation into the stabbings and no charges have been brought against the driver, Renna said. Syracuse police declined to respond to questions about the man’s death happening during a robbery.

Jordan has been charged with two counts of first-degree robbery and two counts of second-degree criminal possession of a weapon, according to court documents.

Meanwhile, Jordan’s defense lawyer, Donald Kelly, had protested against what the police and the DA’s are saying happened with his client. “I find it a little strange one person was able to do this damage to two,” Kelly said.

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