By | November 24, 2021
23-Year-Old Jose Gutierrez Shot Dead

Jose Gutierrez Death – Jose Gutierrez has been confirmed shot dead after coming to the aid of a woman who was being attacked by suspects likely linked to the recent slew of “follow-home robberies” outside a popular Hollywood restaurant in the early morning hours Tuesday, November 23, 2021. The cruel act (shooting) happened around 2:09 a.m. in the 7100 block of Sunset Boulevard, outside Bossa Nova restaurant.

The police were called to the area after several shots were heard. At the arrival of the police at the scene, 23-year-old Jose Ruiz Gutierrez was found dead. A man who doesn’t want his identity to be released spoke to the press at the scene of the crime. “I heard a lot of shots. I couldn’t count how many, and then I heard a scream,” he said. “This girl was constantly screaming ‘help.’ I come downstairs, the guy is laying down in front of the car. I check his pulse. Maybe I could do something, but he had too many gunshots in his head. So, there was nothing I could do.”

Chief Michel Moore of the Los Angeles Police confirmed later on Tuesday that Jose was killed in the attempt to defend a woman who was being confronted by eight robbery suspects who were approaching her from two different vehicles. Moore had said, Gutierrez “was coming to the aid of the female who was being attacked.”

Moore also revealed a recent incident that happened in that area. He added that the killing was likely connected to the recent spree of follow-home robberies in which suspects tail victims home, usually from high-end restaurants or nightclubs, and rob them of expensive jewelry, purses, or other items.

The suspect involved in the shooting on Tuesday has not been identified, witnesses said the suspects drove away from the scene in a black Nissan and were seen with handguns.

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