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Josiah Bagnall found dead: Josiah Bagnall cause of death – obituary – tributes How did Josiah Bagnall die? funeral plans.

  • Died : 19-year-old Josiah Bagnall has been identified as the body found in the crawl space below a duplex in Northeast Salem.
  • Cause of Death : Bagnall’s death was ruled a homicide after an autopsy. Detectives are still investigating.

Josiah Bagnall obituary, funeral arrangement, any GoFundMe page?

Details are yet to be made public by the family as it is still a case of invesigation after his body was identified after the Sheriff’s Office shared a sketch of the victim’s tattoos in an effort to help identify the remains on June 24th.

Detectives are continuing to investigate his death and asking anyone with information to come forward.

We urge that you respect the privacy of the grieving family during this time.

Tributes to Josiah Bagnall

YamCo Watch wrote;

Marion Co Sheriff’s Office(Update)
Detectives Investigating Human Remains Found in Northeast Salem
On June 10th, 2020, investigators with the Marion County Sheriff’s Office recovered human remains in the crawl space beneath a duplex in northeast Salem. Initial efforts to identify the deceased were unsuccessful. On June 24th, 2020, a sketch of one of the victim’s tattoos was shared with the public in an effort to help identify the victim. After receiving many community tips, the victim in this case has been positively identified as Josiah Bagnall, 19, of Salem.
Detectives are continuing to investigate Mr. Bagnall’s death. We are asking anyone who has information about Mr. Bagnall and the events leading to his death to call our tip line at 503-540-8079.
Due to this being an open investigation, no additional information will be provided at this time.

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3 Replies to “Josiah Bagnall Death : Josiah Bagnall found dead – tribute”

  1. Allissa Terrill

    Josiah you will be greatly missed its hard to believe your gone fly high buddy

  2. Dioscelin Hernandez

    josiah was a nice guy…he was always very happy with a smile on his face R.I.P Josiah

  3. Scott

    I had josiah live with me for about a year. From 2016 to 2017, and the dude robbed my family blind. He took everything of profit – Video games, Clothing, he even got into my mothers safe and took around 400 dollars before dipping out. It was most likely drug violence that ended his life, as he had brought Spice (K2) to my house and smoked it in my mothers bedroom, along with heroin and cocaine. He tried to get me to do it with him for some time, until i got tired of it and asked him to leave, where he squatted in my house for an additional 2 weeks before i had to threaten the cops to get him to leave. He was already a runaway, and was at my house because i felt bad for him. When i met him he was hanging out with homeless people, some with some gnarly STD’s. He’s always made the wrong choices for the short time i knew him but that doesn’t mean i’m not sad, and i’m not angry, Because we had good times too, and i’m glad he’s in a better place now. RIP Josiah Bagnall.


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