By | November 18, 2021
Kaitlin Shelly Death

Kaitlin Shelly Death – Kaitlin Shelly of Canandaigua, in New York, has reportedly died untimely. Kaitlin’s passing was announced in a Facebook post by his brother Zach Shelly of Asheville, North Carolina, on Wednesday, November 17, 2021. Family, friends and loved ones are devastated by this sudden loss of Kaitlin which came as a shock as it was not expected.

Kaitlin was described as someone with a big heart, she always showed up and willing to help whenever she is asked for help. She was a devoted mother of her son, Sawyer. Zach further said his heart is aching for their mother, father and his nephew( Kaitlin son). He described her as a wild ride who would always come through for her close friends in time of need. KaitlinĀ  was known for her impact in her community of Canandaigua.

Details about Kaitlin ‘s cause of death is unknown at this time. Information about her cause of death will be updated in this publication upon confirmation as we await further confirmations from the members of her family. Also, Kaitlin Shelly obituary service will be announced by announced by the family in due time.

Shared tributes

Zach Shelly – “To those that have reached out and will reach out sorry if I don’t get back to you. I do sincerely appreciate it. Yesterday my family unexpectedly lost my little Sister. We are crushed and there are few words that I can put together. My heart is aching for my mother, father, and my nephew, her son, Sawyer. I am torn about putting anything out like this publicly but there are friends that I have that may not know yet so I wanted to share this with them. These are the darkest hours anyone can go through and there is so much to figure out. I just wish she could watch her beautiful son grow up. That part I can not fathom. Our lives are forever changed. If you know Kaitlin you know it was a wild ride, but she had a million close friends and would come up big when you needed her. The memories are vast and those that grew up with us know her impact and place in our community of Canandaigua. She will be missed by many. I didn’t always show it but I loved her dearly and I will miss her deeply. It still doesn’t seem real and we are gutted”

Photo Credit; Zach Shelly