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Kathy Sims death-obituary

Kathy Sims dead: How did Kathy Smith Sims die? – cause of death – obituary – tributes – funeral plans.

  • Died : July 1, 2020
  • Age : year old
  • Cause of death : COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Nurse Kathy Sims sadly passed away from complications of COVID-19.

Kathy Sims obituary, funeral arrangement

Details on the deceased’s obituary and funeral are yet to be made public by her family. We will share updates and other information as they are made available.

We urge that you respect the privacy of the grieving family during this time.

Tributes to Kathy Sims

Family, friends and loved one have taken to their social media pages to share tributes and prayers.

Rita Wukela wrote;

Yesterday was a very sad day. We lost a very sweet person due to the cornavirus. She was always full of life when she came into the store to shop. We always talked and laughed when she was here. She will be missed by a large amount of people whose lives she touched. RIP Kathy Sims, you will be missed!

Carolyn Reynolds wrote;

This COVID pandemic has just gotten very real in this community. We have lost one of our finest nurses to this virus. She was not old. She didn’t have comorbidities. She did not live in an extended care facility. She was one of ours. She was legendary for her kindness, sweet smile, medical acumen and superior nursing skills. She nursed tens of thousands residents in the Pee Dee. She has likely nursed you or your loved ones. She mentored our young nursing (and medical) staff for many years. This is a huge loss to our community, our medical community and personally.
This virus is rampant now in SC. Please stay home as much as possible. Wear the stupid mask. Stand 6 feet away from anyone else. Use hand sanitizer. These simple things might have prevented this tragedy. These rules are not perfect but the best we have right now.
Who’s life are you maskless, nonsocial distancing people willing to risk now? Mine? My husband’s? My family’s? Yours? Your family’s?
It is real. It is horrible. It is here.
The above are my own opinions. I do not speak for my employer or anyone other than myself.

Jim Edwards wrote;

RIP Kathy Smith Sims

Sharon Lowrimore Moore wrote;

This is just so sad!! RIP Kathy Sims!!

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