By | September 10, 2020

Kill All Men – 11-year-old boy attempted suicide over TikTok KAM

An 11-year-old boy has attempted committing suicide because of the trending “KAM” or Kill All Men that was started on Twitter and spread to Tik Tok.

According to reports, the 11-year-old boy thought the “Kill All Men” was actually real and believed he would die after he saw a girl ranting about it on Tik Tok.

What is KAM “Kill All Me”?

Kill All Men (KAM) is a hyperbole used by Women towards men who are misogynistic and sexist. It is joke and not to be taken seriously. Kill All Men is not directed actually towards all men, just those who are misogynistic and sexist. If someone is offended by it, that means it probably is directed towards them, according ro Urban Dictionary.


#KAM2020 means Kill All Men 2020, this is referring to a joke on TikTok which is led by a TikTok sound (kill all men)

It is obviously a joke in refutal to sexist things misogynistic men do, yet they take it seriously because it’s not so funny when it’s directed at them.

Many have now taken to their social media pages to condemn the KAM videos in circulation. See a few reactions below.

@Trev34377213 wrote;

Right can we perform cancel culture on these feminazis fgs, a man commits bc of them telling him to kill himself, and he does it on a live in front of his own mother, another says KAM to a 11 year old boy and he attempts suicide, and yet nothing happens, this isn’t acceptable

Ultraluli @ultraluli wrote;

Congratulations by saying kill all men you made a 11 year old boy want to kill himself because he thought “kill all men” was real you must feel great trying to get a kid to kill himself Man facepalming

Zoella wrote;

why would you say “kam” to an 11 year old? how about don’t expose your kids to things like this bc if a grow man can’t understand it they probably won’t either

rae ⚢  @saucewoman wrote;

ppl are going around on tiktok saying that this 11 yr old kid attempted suicide bc girls spammed him with ‘kam’ with NO SOURCE and like. i highkey don’t believe it. obv if its real thats DEPLORABLE and you should NEVER spam a kid for any reason but.. if a child attempts it’s for bigger reasons than just people on the internet saying “kill all men”. this feels like some mra bullshit tryna guilt girls for saying kam and shit. sus.

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