By | October 19, 2020
Martha Marais Death-obituary

The elderly woman who became the face of everything that public hospitals should not be after being chained to a bench at Mamelodi Hospital last year had not found closure at the time of her death.

Martha Marais died on Friday at the Eersterust Association and Community Health Centre hours after visiting her children and celebrating her son Vernon’s birthday.

Her daughter Stephanie Marais told the Pretoria News their mother had not been the same after the incident. “I pray that what she went through does not happen to anyone, because it scars you. I pray no one ever sees their parent the way I found my mother that day.

“She was never able to recover from it I lost my mother after that day; she was no longer the same person. Before the incident, her energy and outspokenness were unmatched. It is sad how she changed, but I believe now she is no longer in pain.”

Her last-born, Priscilla Marais, who works as a nurse in Miami, Florida in the US, said: “I too have not found closure because I don’t know what has happened to the nurses and doctors involved in that ordeal. There was settlement, but that is not adequate they will do it to the next person.

“Her condition was terrible. She went from being talkative and energetic to completely the opposite. Seeing her like that was so painful.

“The change in her happened after that incident at the Mamelodi Hospital. She had never been the same since and she was really traumatised.

“They really took her spirit away and no amount of money or apologies can restore that, and that is why I won’t rest until I find out what is happening because I know this profession. I need to know what happened to those responsible; a slap on the wrist is not enough for me. I want justice for my mother.”

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