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Mary Ann Shadd death-obituary

Mary Ann Shadd cause of death – Mary Ann Shadd dead : obituary – tributes

  • Date of death: 5 June, 1893
  • Age: 70-year-old

How did Mary Ann Shadd die, Cause of death ?

Mary Ann Shadd was the first Black female newspaper editor and publisher in North America.

Mary Ann Shadd Cary, an abolitionist, teacher, and the second Black woman to earn a law degree in the United States.

Shadd Cary was born in Wilmington, Delaware, on Oct. 9, 1823. Her parents were abolitionists whose home served as a station for the Underground Railroad to help escaped slaves.

In 1850, her family moved to Canada after the U.S. passed the Fugitive Slave Act. Three years later, Shadd Cary launched her newspaper The Provincial Freemen, a weekly Black publication.

She married and moved back to the U.S. In 1883, she earned her law degree from Howard University.



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