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Mary Geraci death-obituary

Mary Geraci dead: Mary Geraci cause of death – obituary – tributes

  • Date of death: August 30, 2020
  • Age: year old
  • Cause of death: suicide

How did Mary Geraci die?

We are saddened to report that Mary Geraci, who served as a video producer at Tampa Bay Community Network -TBCN for about five years, has passed away.

Mary Geraci Obituary, funeral arrangement, any GoFundMe page

The family are yet to make public the obituary and funeral arrangements.

We are unable to confirm if a GoFundMe was created by the family/friends of the deceased at the time of this publication.

This post will be updated with more information as they are made available and public.

Mary Geraci tributes

Family, friends and loved ones of the deceased have taken to their social media pages to share tributes, kind words and prayer.

Tampa Bay Community Network -TBCN wrote;

We are saddened to report that Mary Geraci, who served as a video producer at TBCN for about five years, has passed away. Our condolences to her family and friends.
She was a huge supporter of the public’s access to community media.

Brian Taylor wrote

I am sad to say that my friend and probably many of yours, Mary Geraci, took her own life last night. I have known Mary for 30 or so years and she has always been a vibrant and boisterous personality. This information comes completely out of the blue for me and I am sure many of her many friends. In the last year or so she has been almost a daily contributor to depressed chef and also has one of those gold stars for drumming up membership etc. We post alot of funny and interesting things about both the therapeutic as well as the just plain depressing and gross nature of quisine and the things we decide to eat or not to eat. Mary had a great sense of dark humor about it all. I just wish I knew the extent of her darkness. Rest in peace Mary Geraci.

Sarina Fazan News wrote;

May she RIP:
So saddened to hear of the passing of my former colleague Mary Geraci.
She always had a smile and was so full of life.
No one knew the magnitude of her pain.
Please, pass this number to anyone you suspect may need help.
The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is 1-800-273-8255

Matthew McGlashen wrote;

My dear Friend Mary Geraci passed away yesterday.
She always was there to motivate and challenge me, to make me laugh, and to make me think.
She was always about art, excellence, and ethics.
She was very spiritual and a natural leader, never afraid to go into the unknown.
She was amazing photographer and journalist.
She made friends wherever she was, she loved her family and her family of choice.
You knew she was there and you were thankful for it.
God has other better plans for you… love you Mary. I miss you🙏

Renee Warmack wrote;

The Tampa Bay creative and women warrior community lost a strong, smart soul in Mary Geraci yesterday.
My heart goes out to her family and friends.
We first met when she interviewed me to talk about my first movie. It was sweet that she took time for me and my little film.
Then, years later I invited her to be a featured artist in one of my past events.
RIP, Mary.

Diana Tamsin Lucas wrote;

Mary Geraci was one of a kind. So full of life and such a generous soul. I am so sorry that she took her own life last night. We all are fighting some sort of battle. Don’t ever be afraid to reach out if you need to talk with someone. Oh Mary, I am so sorry that you felt you had to do this. Tampa Bay’s collective soul is heartbroken tonight. Rest in Peace and Power. So many people loved you and are at a loss.
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
Available 24 hours

Carolyn Bohn Nelson wrote;

Stunned and sad to hear of the passing of my dear high school friend Mary Geraci. She gave so much to the world. Her enthusiasm, energy, radiant smile and her strong loving friendship to so many. If we only knew or took the time to understand her challenges and how she hurt inside. We miss you so much Mary. You touched our lives and you will never be forgotten.

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3 Replies to “Mary Geraci Death : Tampa Bay Mary Geraci dead – cause of death – tribute”

  1. Dave Olive

    She will be missed by many… a truely wonderful person….. so lucky to have know her…

  2. Will morris

    Mary…hadn’t seen you in years…decades. Had a great visit with you in 2018 at my BHS 40TH in Orlando. Great to catch up with you…and you really sounded like you were enjoying your career and life. We will miss you. We will pray for you. Be with God. Will Morris HS 78

  3. Susan Roehm

    I met her on a pilgrimage to Rome in 1975 and we became fast friends. I was from Nurnberg. She was from Heidelberg. Though time and distance separated us, we found one another and found the same love and respect for each other that had begun decades prior. She was an artist, an outspoken activist, a journalist, fitness instructor, wise woman and friend to all. She was the most positive person I know. She wrote daily inspirations called Mastery Word of the Day and provided nightly dessert and a “glass of warm milk on the nightstand.” Mary Geraci succumbed to depression and took her life over the weekend. I’m crushed. #armybrats4life


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