By | November 16, 2021
Daishon Ross Death

Daishon Ross Death – Daishon Ross of Atlanta, Georgia, who was a member of Marching 101 Band Of SC State has passed away unexpectedly leaving family and loved ones in grief and despair. Daishon’s demise was announced in different social media posts on Monday, November 15, 2021. The Marching band, friends and loved ones are saddened by this sudden news of Daishon loss which has been devastating at this difficult time.

Daishon Ross was a native of Charlotte, North Carolina and an alumnus of East Mecklenburg High School. He was a graduate of Chemistry at South Carolina State University where he earned a Bachelor degree in Biology. He was a a former worker at Lexus and was working at South Carolina State University before his demise. In addition to being a marching band member, Daishon was also a track athlete who loved to inspire and push for success.

Daishon Ross was described as someone who was always fun to be with, someone with good and contagious laugh. A good man with a large heart. Details about the cause of Daishon has not been disclosed yet by any member of his family. More details will be updated in this publication in that regards upon confirmation. Daishon Ross Obituary has not been announced yet as we await the family of Daishon  to make the announcement.

Shared tributes on Daishon Ross’s death

Mario Durham Q – “Yesterday i could hardly stomach seeing all the posts, and I literally had no words. I was sad and angry at the same time. I was dismissive and avoidant because I’m just tired of the feelings and emotions that 2021 has brought. Today I’m at least able to be at peace.
Ross was a brother like no other. We were cool before you moved to Atlanta but when you got here we became true friends. A character if there ever was one. We used to cut up! Laugh for laugh… petty vs. petty lol. You used to get on my nerves 😂😂. Wish we could climb the mountain one last time. One last joke for the road. Maybe I should’ve thrown that pool party you repeatedly kept askin about lol. Rest well my brother, my friend. Daishon Ross”

Taylure Plain Shaw – “love you forever LB 
You moved to Atlanta a few years ago to pursue your dreams. Band family hits a lil different and when you join ITB, it hits on another level. The last time we talked was about RK business and we shared some real insight and laughs before we had one last stroll practice for an ITB project we were working on in Sept.-Oct. 2020
God, thank you for that time together with my brother. It felt good to be at peace with a lot & amend everything that needed to be mended. I love you Daishon Ross”

Justice Smith – “My Heart Literally Hurts Daishon Ross Thank You For The Fun Times….Always Being Shady and You Could Stroll Your Butt Off….Looking At Our Messages I Could Do Nothing But Laugh & Cry….Praying For Your Family and SCSU….You Hurt Us With This One …… R.I.P #RK #Spr14 #ITB”

Tonya Herring Blankumsee – “I can’t remember what my sister La-Trenda A Gift said that made my nephew Daishon Ross laugh but I don’t think my mom Minnie GH got the joke 😂. Sleep in peace nephew. You fought a good fight… you Blessed a lot of people with your presence. You will always be a role model to me. I will always hear your voice saying ‘finish what you start’.
I will miss hearing you day ‘Howdy’! When I call… and I will miss our long talks about acting, auditions, and monologues.
Please keep my sister in your prayers…I lost a nephew but she lost a heartbeat my heart aches for her… so please keep her lifted in prayer”

Photo Credit; Justice Smith