By | July 4, 2020
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Suspects of missing Vanessa Cullen Guillen involved in her disappearance have been caught! Here is how it happened.

Suspects identified as Aaron David Robinson and girlfriend, Cecily Aguilar have been caught in connection to Vanessa Guillen disappearance.

Army investigators were notified she was missing April 23, 2020 according to the criminal complaint against Cecily Aguilar who was tied to the case by she and Robinson’s cell phones.

How Vanessa Guillen suspects were caught

Here is a detailed incident of all that happened between April 23 after Guillen went missing to June 30 when she was found dead.

  • April 22 : Aaron David Robinson told investigators he worked with Guillen briefly
  • April 23 : Vanessa Guillen went missing, Army investigators were notified

Phone records revealed that Robinson was the last person Vanessa texted before she disappeared.

  • April 28 : Robinson was interviewed by Army investigators. He said he left for Forthood to go to his girlfriend after work, when asked what he did on the day of Guillen’s disappearance.

He added that he only left his home around 6:30 pm that day pt return to the post to sign up for a training.

  • May 18: Two witnesses revealed that on April 22, they saw Robinson load a heavy “tough box” with wheel into his car
  • May 19: Robinson’s phone was searched by the investigators

The phone records showed that he had called his girlfriend Cecily Aguilar severally on the night Guillen went missing and as late as 3:30 am the next day.

Through out that day, Aguilar was said to also have called him.

  • June 19 : Investigators investigated Aguilar who claimed she was with her boyfriend Robinson all night, on the day Guillen went missing.

She claimed that Robinson had called her phone severally on that day because she couldn’t find her phone.

This was not satisfactory for the investigators who stated that the information didn’t match the length of calls they both had.

Investigators later re-interviewed Aguilar who now stated that she and Robinson left her home on April 22 to look at stars at a park in Belton, Texas.

On investigation, both their phones showed they were near the Leon River on April 23 and April 26.

  • June 21 : The last place where Robinson’s phone was pinged was searched by the investigators who found a burn site with disturbed earth and burned remains pf what appeared to be “tough box”.
  • June 30 : Remains believed to be that of Vanessa Guillen was found about 30 miles outside the Fort Hood

Cecily Aguilar has been arrested and charged with one count of conspiracy to tamper with evidence while Specialist Aaron David Robinson killed himself before authorities could get to him.

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