By | November 11, 2020

Montana of 300 dead ? Dallas rapper Melvin Noble aka Mo3 shot dead is not Montana of 300.

Is Montana of 300 dead or alive ? Was Montana of 300 shot dead?

Dallas, Tx rapper Melvin Noble aka Mo3 was shot dead on while driving on a Freeway in his hometown in the morning of Wednesday November 11, 2020. Since the sad news hit the internet, many wondered if it was Montana of 300 that had died.

In a successful second attempt, Boosie Badazz Associate Rapper Mo3 was shot and killed.

Mo3 was driving on a busy freeway when another car pulled up next to him and started spraying his vehicle with bullets. We’re told the shooting caused a melee on the highway with other motorists scrambling to get away from the scene. The local rapper’s car ultimately crashing into the concrete barrier before coming to a halt.

Several videos have since surfaced on social media, showing a man lying on his back in the middle of the road while another man performed CPR. Sources say that Mo3 has since died from his injuries.

Rapper Mo3 was shot in the head in December last year but survived that attack.

Who is Montana of 300 ?

Walter Anthony “Tony” Bradford, better known by his stage name Montana of 300, is an American rapper, singer and songwriter from Peoria, Illinois.


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