By | November 24, 2021
Khaleel Bent Omega Bent Cause Of Death

Khaleel Bent | Omega Bent Cause Of Death – Investigation is underway after a man reportedly murdered his mother and stole a vehicle before he was shot and killed by a security officer on Tuesday Morning. Officials identified the man as Khaleel Bent and the mother as 46-year-old Omega Bent.

According to a release, Khaleel struck the mother with a stone till she died and then attempted to steal a vehicle in Phoenix Boulevard before a guard over there shot him dead. According to the report, Khaleel appeared naked, He got through the gate, approached the security guard and started to attack him in his white Toyota Probox.

Khaleel stole a vehicle and drove along Phoenix Boulevard to Phase 3 after which he crashed into grey Toyota Hiace.

An armed security officer intervened in the rage and then drew his weapon and shot Khaleel multiple times. Khaleel was pronounced dead at the scene.