By | November 18, 2021
Paul Entzi Death

Paul Entzi Death – Paul Entzi of Fargo, North Dakota, has passed away untimely leaving family, friends and loved ones in grief and despair. Paul announced dead on Wednesday, November 17, 2021. Close friends and those concerned shared their tributes as they are heartbroken by the sudden loss of a brother, friend and colleague as they grief and mourn his passing which came as a shock and unexpected. Paul Entzi was a native of Fredonia, ND

Paul Entzi was a worker at Goodin Company until the time of his death. A family member and cousin Ryan Entzi described him as an amazing friend. He was an amazing person who touched many lives by helping bring the best out them. He was full of encouragement and will stop at nothing to reaching for success and helping others do same. His death will really be felt by friends and loved ones who were close to him when he alive.

He will be dearly and deeply missed by many for his positive character and good vibes. His colleagues at Goodin Company are saddened by this death. Our sincere condolences, thoughts and prayers goes to the family, friends, loved ones as well those affected by this death as they mourn Paul’s passing at this difficult time. Paul Entzi obituary and funeral service is not announced yet as we wait for an announcement from the family.

Shared tributes

Ryan Entzi – “Man am I gonna miss you Paul! You were an amazing friend! I’m so sorry you had to leave us. Till we meet again brother love you cuz. Paul Entzi”

Jeremy Adam – “I’m not a picture guy or a emotional guy. When I first met you Paul Entzi, you helped pull our vehicle out of a snow bank. I’m sure you were thinking I was an idiot for taking a road that no body drove on, I’ll tell you now I listened to the wife to take that road. You accepted me into your house knowing that I was with Kara but didn’t know me. You gave me a shot, took us to the bar, bought me more shots, and then bought me a pork chop. I remember you giving me a pair of sweat pants to wear that were extremely tiny, wouldn’t fit any child but told me we were the same size. The point is that you were the type of person that accepted everyone, loved everybody, made them laugh, made them feel accepted and for that I will forever be greatful. You are truely a special person that is not common anymore, a 1 of a kind. The people close to me call you son, brother, and dad. I will forever say you are my friend and will be missed! Until I see you again, keep the fireball cold and we will smoke meats again some day. Love you!”

Alissa Hehr – “This breaks my heart. Rest easy Paul Entzi. You were such an amazing guy! Get better Kyler! We’re all praying for you”

Photo Credit; Paul Entzi Facebook profile.