By | November 22, 2021

Robert Bly Death РCause Of Death Р American Poet and activist, Robert Bly has sadly passed away at age 95 on Sunday, November 2021, Bly was born in the year 1926. Bly is a poet, essayist, and activist,  Bly was the winner of the 1968 National Book Award for Poetry.

Bly was described as a generous and supportive legend. Friends and loved ones affected by his passing has taken to social media to share tribute.

News comes last night that Robert Bly has passed through the veil. I am at a loss for words but in my silence, I hear his voice.
Loren Niemi stated via facebook: The particular cadence of his reading/reciting his poems and translations of other poets. His penchant to repeat poems a 2nd time to let the language float in a room and settle in the ear before settling in the heart. In that voice, I can hear the reticent and plain-spoken of a rural MN he grew up in. It is a plough cutting the spring field of language to make a furrow for meaning.
Robert Bly Obituary and funeral service will be published by his family.