By | November 17, 2021

Rolando Pettigrew – Death – Rolando Pettigrew of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, has passed away unexpectedly. Family, friends and loved ones are heartbroken with the sudden news of Rolando’s death which came as a shock as it was not expected. Rolando’s death was announced on Tuesday, November 16, 2021. Rolando Pettigrew was a native of Stuart, Virginia and was General Manager at Dram & Draught Greensboro.

Rolando Pettigrew graduated from Guilford Technical Community College (GTCC) where he studied Culinary Arts. Rolando was a good soul. He was described as a good man, someone who was trustworthy, a brother and a friend. He was someone who has touched the hearts of many people. Mark James in a social media post described him as an absolute legend, an amazing friend , trainer and a bartender while sharing his tributes in the post.

Details about the cause of Rolando Pettigrew’s death is unknown at the time of this publication as no statement has been made by any member of his family in that regards. Information about the cause of death will updated upon confirmation. Rolando Pettigrew obituary and funeral will be announced by the family.

Shared tributes on Rolando Pettigrew’s passing

Mark James – “Shocked to open this blue app and see the loss of an absolute legend. Thank you Rolando Pettigrew. You were an amazing friend, trainer, bartender, plug, etc. my thoughts are with his family and friends….Thank you for the endless nights of memories. Love you Rolo.
Rest well brother.”

Mike Carter – “I’m eternally grateful for the very rare occurrence in which I went out with a couple friends this past Friday night. While down at South End, a familiar voice says “Mister Carter!” and after having not seen each other in quite a while, Rolando Pettigrew and I got a few minutes to catch up about life, our sons, and his upcoming trip to Puerto Rico this week for work. Having heard the love behind his words when speaking about Mason, it is so much more tragic to hear of his passing today in Puerto Rico. He was a great man with a kind heart, and a proud father. Rest easy Rolo.”

YES! Weekly – “Our thoughts and condolences are with the family, friends, coworkers and patrons of Rolando Victor Pettigrew in his untimely passing.”

Ingrid Shawn Rodriguez – “Damn! So sad! You were such a good soul:( We were just talking about barrels & doing an event. Never miss a moment to let people know how much they mean to you. RIP Rolando Pettigrew”

Andrew Woolgar – “After a long days work I arrived home this evening to my wife and family. Checking on Instagram and Facebook I immediately saw several posts from friends and tried to make sense of them. My friend Ryan Hill confirmed that we had lost such a good man, someone I had not now known for long but who had become a trustworthy brother and friend. Rolando Pettigrew has passed. I only spoke with him a couple of days ago, I don’t know what to say, lost for words. This is a hard thing for me, it’s hard to find and know genuine people these days and he was definitely one of those. I know so many people will be hurting right now, me included, mate you touched the hearts of many and my thoughts are with your family, your son in particular in Atlanta. We will meet again some day, and until that day, rest easy with the best cocktails and wine, my wine of course! All the best buddy.”

Photo Credit; Ingrid Shawn Rodriguez