By | November 22, 2021
Josee Forest Niesing Death

Josee Forest Niesing Death – Josee Forest Niesing, 56, who was a lwayer and honorable senator from Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, has passed away untimely after a courageous battle with Covid-19. Senator Josee was announced dead by CTV News on Saturday, November 20, 2021 on their official Facebook page. Forest-Niesing’s office in a statement said the senator was hospitalized with the virus and returned home last Saturday. the statement further said senator Josee  was fully vaccinated against coronavirus but was considered vulnerable because of an autoimmune condition that had affected her lungs for nearly 15 years.

Forest-Niesing Office also gave thanks to the medical personnel who took care of her, and urged Canadians to get vaccinated. According to The Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, Senator Josee Forest Niesing was described as a dedicated public servant and champion. “a dedicated public servant and a champion for minority language communities.” The Minister said. the speaker of the Senate, George J. Furey also acknowledged her death in a statement released on Saturday and described Senator Forest-Niesing as “an ardent and passionate defender of access to justice in both official languages”  The speaker said in his exact words.

In addition to her profile, Senator Josee was described described on the Senate’s website as a proud Franco-Ontarian who had recently discovered her Metis heritage. Senator Josee had also contributed immensely to her community and country at large. According to her Biography, She was a member and chair of several boards of directors some of which include the Carrefour francophone de Sudbury, the Art Gallery of Sudbury and University of Sudbury. Josee Forest Niesing obituary will be announced by the family.

Phot Credit; CityNews Toronto Shared Facebook photo