By | November 16, 2021
Zane Timpson Death

Zane Timpson- Death – Zane Timpson of San Francisco, California, a heroic skateboarder has passed away unexpectedly leaving friends and family in grief and despair. Zane was from Encinitas, California. He was alumnus of an Dieguito High School Academy and a graduate of San Francisco State University. A close friend of Zane, Jordan Maxham announced his death via an instagram post as he shared how devastating  the sad news was to him.

Zane Timpson was described as someone who approached everything differently, with a view to conquering much more than life skateboarding sport and taking extra push forward mostly appalling unpaved hills. He was someone who was passionate about his Skateboarding career, a guy who loved to skate fast. Timpson talked about how important it is to push yourself as far as you can in a Bronson Speed Co. day-in-the-life video he made. “You’re always getting humbled, and that’s how it should be… If you’re not getting humbled, you’re not trying.” He said. Different posts have been shared on social media about Zane’s demise.

Jordan Maxham in an Instagram post, poured out his heart after the sudden news of his close Zane Timpson’s passing: “I cried all day yesterday. I hugged your pro model board that you signed for me. I took it skating with me and went frontside the whole time. I read our texts and called you. You didnt answer. I left you a voice mail that nobody will hear. If they do, They wont understand cause i could barely speak through the flood of tears. I woke up crying again today i still cant grasp the fact that you are away. The big away. You have always been so kind and loving. I am proud of the man you grew up to be. I am lucky to have gotten to spend so much time with you. I will scream your name forever. I love you Zane.” Jordan Said. Different posts have been. Zane Timpson Obituary will be announced by his family.

Facebook tributes shared on Zane Timpson’s passing

Michael Schulte – Someone from high school I admired greatly passed recently, and things like this really puts life into persepctive and what is important. Thank you for giving great advice Zane, to keep pursuing photography and expanding my work, I appreciated your presence and what you represented to my hometown :’)
Zane Timpson

Confusion Magazine: International DIY Skateboarding Magazine – R.I.P. Zane Timpson
Zane was a highly creative, positive, humble, inspirational, and talented hardcore skateboarder… gone awaÿ too soon but will live in our hearts and memories FFForever
Zane Timpson. Frontside stalefish nosegrind at Kowalskiland. Photo @danielstellyphoto

J Grant Brittain – Devastating news to hear that @zanetimpson has passed away. Our condolences go out to the Timpson family and all of his friends. We will miss you Zane. ♥️ Woodward photo 2014. #zanetimpson #skatelegends

Photo Credit; Radix Skateshop