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Slutty Sonny petition

Slutty Sonny dead: Jordon Williams cause of death – petition for justice – GoFundMe – obituary – tributes

  • Date of death: August 31, 2020
  • Age: 20 year old
  • Cause of death: allegedly hit multiple times on the high way


At the time of this publication, a petition which was started on seeking justice for Slutty Sonny has gotten over 1500 signatures.


Jordon Williams was my dear friend who passed away due to being hit multiple times on the high way. Justice hasn’t been served and Slutty Sonny was an amazing artist. He helped thousands of people. He deserves justice for what happened to him. He came to LA the 30th and was announced dead at the scene on the 31st of August. They said he allegedly was on the highway, but I feel like there isn’t truth being told to the story. Something isn’t right. He deserves justice for the people who did a hit and run and killed a 20 year old man. He went for a walk and never came back and was unidentified. He is the kindest soul i’ve ever met. He is insanely talented In music and his art is very impressive. I just truly want justice to be served for Jordon because that’s what we all need. Closure. We all love him. We need to get justice for him. Multiple cars ran/killed a 20 year old boy. His soundcloud is “Slutty Sonny” as well as his instagram at is @Sluttysonny.

If you need to vent or talk to anyone about this situation, dm me at @dalonelystar, he would want me to keep his movement going. #LLSS

Slutty Sonny GoFundMe

A GoFundMe was created by Allan Bogle for the family of Slutty Sonny, it reads;

For the family of Slutty Sonny

My name is Allan Bogle and over the weekend we lost a role mode, inspiration and most of all a bother. He was a up coming artist to his fans he was know as Slutty Sonny but to family and friends he was know Jordon Williams. We are starting this GoFundMe not only to lay him to rest but to have everyone contribute To him as much as he contributed to his family, friends and fans. Any donation is high appreciated. Thank you

Please feel free to donate, write your tributes and kind words in the comment section below.

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