By | November 15, 2021
Sonny Distefano Death

Sonny Distefano – Death – Sonny Distefano of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, has reportedly passed away unexpectedly leaving family and loves ones in despair as they mourn his passing. Prodigal House Foundation, Incorporations in a Facebook post confirmed Sonny died on Thursday, November 11, 2021. Sonny was a father of three. He was described as a devoted father, a beloved son and a good friend who dedicated his life to loving his family and loved ones.

Sonny Distefano was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to Jackie and he was the brother of Gail. He was a beloved husband of Melanie Griggs and a devoted father of three children all which he cherished. He was a good man who loves having his family and loved ones around him and he cared for his family and friends. He was described as a man with a perfect tan skin , big beautiful green eyes , the whitest most beautiful smile you’ll ever see .

Prodigal House Foundation, Incorporations in a Facebook post said described him as a real and bright person as thus ; “No one will argue that Sonny DiStefano was a unique individual and a person who, as one of his peers remarked, “the realest person in the room.” He was bright, well spoken and loyal. The struggle is now over for him as he crossed over from this world to the next on November 11, 2021. Sonny is the beloved son of his mother, Jackie and father Sonny. He will be sorely missed by his sister Gail. The greatest gift he left to us is his 4 sons. We pray that Sonny will guard them from above and that they may always feel his presence.
Addiction eclipses our greatest gifts and the demons we wrestle with prevent us from reaching our true potential on this side of paradise. Despite this, Sonny had an impact on many lives and will never be forgotten.
Please keep his family in your prayers at this time and always. We will never forget him and always remember him, especially to his sons. May the peace that Sonny desired in this world now be his in God’s loving embrace”

Shared tributes on Sonny Distefano’s demise

Angelica Pezzano – “Ill always remember sonny as the cutest kid in the neighborhood growing up … Melanie Carmichael & I used to literally chase him down the street whenever we seen him when we were like 10 years old perfect tan skin , big beautiful green eyes , the whitest most beautiful smile you’ll ever see . He was the local celebrity – all the girls loved him . stickball at Jenks , jailbreak (clarion vs. juniper kids, we always won) countless park memories . We all went our separate ways as adults … but you never find friends like your childhood ones or never make memories like your childhood ones. Please keep Sonny’s family in your prayers . His sister & his mother who were his entire world Gail Di Stefano & Jackie DiStefano . The mother to his beautiful boys Melanie Griggs , my heart breaks for all of you. Praying for strength for all of you. sonny , you will be missed & for sure never forgotten .”

Sonny Distefano Obituary will be announced by the family in due time.

Phot Credit; Prodigal House Foundation, Inc.