Stephen Rayfield Death – Alberta wife mourning after firefighter husband killed

Stephen Rayfield Death – Obituary News; Stephen Rayfield, a volunteer firefighter, was responding to a call close to the town of Castor at around 8:30 p.m. Friday. The volunteer fire department serves the town and parts of Paintearth County.

The family and community of Stephen are in mourning after he was killed on an icy road while responding to a vehicle rollover late Friday night. Castor is around 138 km east of Red Deer.

Cheryl and Stephen met in 2010 in Britain, where they are both from. In 2013, they got married and moved to Canada to start a life together. They were in the process of obtaining Canadian citizenship so they could continue their lives together in Castor.

The night of the rollover, Cheryl says she didn’t want her husband to go to the call but Stephen was adamant he had to attend because someone could be hurt and could need help. Stephen grabbed his keys and left. Not long after that, Cheryl said the doorbell rang and her heart sank.

Rayfield himself posted on the Facebook page on Jan. 26 for the Castor fire department, sharing the news of the opening of the new fire hall. Elhard said in the coming days he’s sure the mourning fire crew and Rayfield’s family will be supported by the community. Because of COVID-19, he’s unsure exactly what form that community support will look like at this time.

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