By | November 18, 2021
Steve Demaray Death

Steve Demaray Death – Steve Demaray of New Hampton, Iowa, has passed away unexpectedly at thee age of 70, after sustaining injuries in an automobile accident. Steve reportedly died on Monday, November 15, 2021.┬áHe was born on October 23, 1951 to his father Leighton an mother Demaray in Charles City. He grew up on a farm near Rockford together with his four sisters and two brothers. His experience on the farm made him passionate about farming and later in his life he had cattle, pet donkeys, and fainting goats on his own farm in Waucoma.

Steve Demaray was described as quite positive and his “Shooter” nickname was picked up when he was hunting duck with a friend and shot a hole into the base of his friend’s boat by accident and sunk it. He was an alumnus of Rockford High School, Iowa, Class of ’71. Steve lived live to the fullest, he played, worked and loved hard. He also loved going on fishing trips to northern Minnesota and Canada with people. He always believed the only “real” fishing was up in northern Minnesota.

He was the beloved husband of his wife Cheri who was a school teacher and a devoted father of three children, Kaylah, Logan, and Ashley and he loved them so dearly. He was married to her wife for 19 years. He was also a grandfather to his two grandchildren, Jada and Blair as he was fondly called “Papa Steve”. He was loved by many and was a good man with good heart. Steve Demaray obituary and funeral service will be announced by the family in due time.