By | October 2, 2020
Stuart Baggs Death

Lord Alan Sugar pays tribute to The Apprentice series six star Stuart Baggs in the first episode of The Apprentice Best Bits.

Stuart Baggs died five years later following an asthma attack aged 27.

  • Date of death:July 30, 2020
    Age: 27-year-old
    Cause of death: asthma attack

Baggs sadly passed away on July 30 in his flat on the Isle Of Man. There were no suspicious circumstances surrounding his death, but as it was unexpected a post-mortem was carried out. It was discovered that he’d died of an asthma attack. RIP Stuart.

Looking back at some of the stand out contestants over the years, viewers will see a clip of Stuart, just 21 at the time, arguing with teammates Joanna Riley and Chris Bates during a task selling tour bus tickets. Some of his most iconic lines are also shown, including the classic ‘field of ponies’ quote.

In the boardroom he said to Lord Sugar: ‘I’m not a one-trick pony, I’m not a ten-trick pony, I’m a field of ponies waiting to literally run towards this.’ Another scene shows the entrepreneur declare: ‘If you give me 100 grand in one year I will make 10 times that, and if I don’t I’ll give it back to you. Take it back. Money back guarantee.’

Lord Sugar remembers Stuart – who nicknamed himself ‘The Brand’ – for his humour, which was often unintentional. He says: ‘He could talk. He could talk the hind legs off a donkey which was quite amusing. He actually made me laugh for once in the boardroom. ‘Stuart was one of our most memorable characters and regretfully he’s passed away, but he’ll never be forgotten. What a great character.’ Baroness Karren Brady recalled Stuart’s time on the show and admired his determination. ‘He was a single minded, go-getter,’ she says.

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