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Terence Ellies cause of death – Terence Ellies dead : obituary – tributes

How did Terence Ellies die? Cause of death

A Texas father of two shot and killed one of three intruders who entered his home Sunday and held his family at gunpoint, according to local reports.

Port Arthur Police said armed suspect Terence Ellies, 27, died Sunday at the scene of the aggravated robbery after he and two other armed suspects, whom police say may have known the homeowners, forcibly entered the residence as a female resident was arriving, according to PA News.

  • Date of death: December 27, 2020
  • Age: 27-year-old
  • Cause of death: shot dead

Terence Ellies obituary, funeral arrangements, any GoFundMe page

The family are yet to make public the obituary and funeral arrangements.

We are unable to confirm if a GoFundMe was created by the family/friends of the deceased at the time of this publication.

This post will be updated with more information as they are made available and public.

Terence Ellies tributes

Family, friends and loved ones of the deceased have taken to their social media pages to share tributes, kind words and prayer.

Our best wishes and love to the deceased’s family and friends.

Please write your tributes and kind words in the comment section below.

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  1. Nate Higgers

    There are tons of nigs crying and saying he didn’t do anything wrong, or that they forgive him and that he was a good boy who dindu nuffin.
    He would have murdered an entire family just to get away if he had to. “Criminals” and by that I mean black gang members, will shoot cops dead for pulling them over just to get away from a speeding ticket. They don’t realize everything is recorded or seen by at least someone or something in this digital world.


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