By | November 3, 2021
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50-year-old Terry Flenory has been shot dead according to reports which also claims he could have been shot by a rival gang or the Police as there are no definite record of how exactly he was shot dead.

Founder of the black mafia family alongside his brother, Demetrius, Terry Flenory, is dead. The American man has two brothers Big Meech and Terry. He was born January 10,1971, and was raised in Detroit.

Flenory according to reports has about 2000 siblings who have made significant cocaine distribution in the United States. Also known for promoting Hip-hop singer like Young Jeezy, who was eventually convicted of smuggling with Terry and his brothers.

Is Terry Flenory Dead or Alive?

Terry Flenory has become the town’s talk of town since it was discovered that he was shot while engaging in an unlawful activity. Although details on the death and illegal activities he was involved in are yet to be made public.

  • Date of death:  2021
  • Death Age: 50-year-old
  • Cause of Death : shot dead

Who could have shot Terry Flenory from BFM?

Flenory is known to have lived a life of crime, selling cocaine and other hard drugs. The battling question on many people’s mind now is who would have shot him.

We are currently unable to confirm who shot Terry Flenory or whether the shooter was from BFM, a rival gang member or the Police. The date of his death is also unknown.

Tributes to Terry Flenory

It is saddening to find out that a loved one passed away and since the sad news was made public, friend and families of the deceased have taken to their social media pages to pour out tributes, kind of words and prayers.

Losing someone you love is very hard, team therefore send our best wishes, prayers and love to the deceased’s family, friends and everyone affected by this loss.


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