By | November 18, 2021
Chucky Tester Death

Chucky Tester – Death – Chucky Tester of Wayland, Massachusetts, who was a drummer at the TESTER music band has died untimely. Chucky Tester was announced deceased in different posts on Tuesday, November 16, 2021. Chucky was an amazing and talented drummer and musician who was passionate about his profession and music career. He was described as a great dude and a true rocker who had a great impact in The New England rock scene.

Chris Prendergast described Chucky Tester as a great musical gift who was always smiling contagiously and with a positive light. He was a person who discharged unending love for music. Nikki Sinn said in a post that Chucky was a one of a kind, an amazing human being and friend with whom he had the honor and privilege to make a music with and he further said the music made with him was a gift he will always cherrish.

Chucky Tester was loyal, passionate, committed and dedicated to Rock and Roll. He was a nice and wonderful person to be around. Fun loving with positive attitude. Chucky has touched many lives with his music and drumming skills and had won so many souls to the Rock and Roll genre of music with his beautiful performances during his time. He was a brother to Tony Tester. Chucky Tester obituary and funeral service will be announced by the family in due time.

Shared tributes on Chucky Tester’s death

Bite the Bullet – “It is with a very sad heart that we must say goodbye to Chucky Tester today. A great musical gift to us all. Always smiling Always a positive light. We will miss you and miss playing with you. God speed brother.”

Chris Prendergast – “Every week I head down to the rehearsal studio, whenever I hear our raucous neighbors Tester in their studio down the hall I’ll pop my head in to say “Hey!” The first thing I’d always see would be Chucky’s contagiously big smile greeting me. Then we’d inevitably get around to “When are we going to put a show together again?” He was one of the most genuine and sincere people I’ve ever known. I’ll miss his big smile. Big hugs to Tony Tester and his family. RIP Chucky Tester.”

Cruel Miracle – “We are incredibly saddened to hear about the passing of Chucky Tester from the band TESTER.
The New England rock scene has lost a true rocker & great dude too soon. Chucky was the type of person that exuded infinite love for music without even saying anything. That’s how we will remember him…….RIP Chucky…….Our condolences to the TESTER family.”

Nikki Sinn – “What do you say? How can you completely describe literally a decades long musical friendship together? All we accomplished with music, we even played with KISS, all we had been through together in life. In and out of the bands. Ups and downs, laughter and frowns. So many good times. Our friendship to me was a gift and a privilege. The music we made together was a gift and a privilege, an honor. You were one of a kind chuck. An amazing and talented drummer. And an even more amazing human being and friend. Its hard to admit to this reality that you are gone. Like some horrible dream that can be woke from. I could usually say quite a bit. Today im at a loss for words… You made a huge footprint that can never be denied. I’ll miss you my brother…..R.I.P. Chucky Tester”

Mike Fitz – “The world lost a great one yesterday. Chucky Tester was one of the most loyal and dedicated dudes to Rock and Roll and I’ll always respect him for that…More importantly, he was a super nice person and a wonderful human being to be around. Much love to the Tester family. RIP dude.”

Photo Credit; Nikki Sinn