By | November 23, 2021
Virginia Sorensen Death

Virginia Sorensen Death – Virginia Sorensen of Waukesha, Wisconsin, has died unexpectedly at the age of 79, after being smashed by a SUV car on a Christmas parade. Virginia Sorensen was pronounced dead on Monday, November 22, 2021. The Police Chief of Waukesha, Wi, Dan Thompson released the name of Virginia  with four others that were killed in the car accident that happened on Sunday evening. Thompson also identified the driver of the car as 39-year-old Darrell Brooks.

According to the police the fives victims that were killed in the tragic accident are Virginia Sorenson, 79-year-old female; LeAnna Owens, 71-year-old female; Tamara Durand, 52-year-old female; Jane Kulich, 52-year-old female; Wilhelm Hospel, 81-year-old male. The suspect, Darrell E. Brooks, 39, of Milwaukee is being referred by the Waukesha police department for a ive counts of first-degree intentional homicide with additional charges based on the investigation which are expected to come in time.

Melinda Ford in a Facebook post where she shared her condolence to Virginia Sorensen and others who were killed in the accident said the world the getting more sad. “RIP: Virginia Sorenson, 79, Leanna Owens, 71 and Tamara Durand, 52, Jane Kulich, 52, Wilhelm Hospel,82 May the others in critical condition have the strength to pull through. This world just keeps getting sadder and sadder and making it really hard to keep focusing on the good.” Melinda said. Melinda Ford obituary has not been announced by the family yet.

Photo Credit; FeedLily shared the photo on Facebook.