By | November 8, 2020

William Bradley Born 1902 Voted in Michigan – Wayne County William Bradley dead?

Turns out 118 year old “William Bradley” voted via absentee ballot in Wayne County, Michigan. William Bradley died in 1984. How long has this been going on?

There’s probably a lot of William Bradley’s out there, but this one was specifically born in that year and month. It’s possible there’s two in the same area born in the same month, but not that one. It’s good to be skeptical and fact check rumors yourself though.

Yeah we’re not gonna know who the president is for maybe months. We got dead people voting in Michigan and people voting multiple times in Philadelphia. This is going to court. This may be the biggest fraud in our country’s history. I, for one, will be getting my popcorn.

Gabby Corkery wrote:

We don’t have national ID cards here (NZ), so you’d need a driving licence or passport….. which would eliminate a significant minority who have neither.

Chris Woods wrote:

Same thing in the US, hence the voter suppression. Many many poor people do not have a valid driver’s license or bank account or car and thus have no access to vote based strictly on their income. Obvious statistic: poor people are overwhelmingly people of color.

Max Staudt wrote:

That is exactly what is required in Holland (and many other countries). Alongside passport there is a simpler official ID. Never a problem.

Robert Concepcion wrote:

I mean… There’s also cases where voter fraud IS happening that hasn’t been mentioned. As an independent voter, can people on both extreme sides just also do their own fact before declaring whatever feels good and being trivializing/dehumanizing?

Alex Slee wrote:

I wonder if any one repeating these fraud theories has researched into any single one them the same way you researched into all of them.

Lisa Millraney wrote:

can only speak for myself, but I heard the report about Alleghany Cty PA’s ‘day off’ & freaked a bit, then went looking for an explanation & found one within a few min. So some of us do our due diligence. 😀

Shanananana wrote:

Thanks for this. I was able to use some of this info to challenge some claims made by my brother without having to do hours of research. I appreciate your work!

trigus wrote:

You are doing phenomenal work, Isaac. I hope you reap the rewards of all this hardwork because you 100% deserve it. Sharing this thread as much as I can.

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